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    • In 2012

      ROMOSS, a subordinate brand of 7000Mall, was born in Shenzhen.

    • In April 2014

      ROMOSS Flagship Store of mobile power brands landed in Malaysia.

    • 7000Mall and HP reached a strategic cooperation, further development of national companies.

    • In January 2016

      ROMOSS and Samsung (China) Invest-ment Co., Ltd. reached a long-term strategic cooperation. It is expected to produce a total of 1.2 million units and of RMB 60 million annual sales.

    • In 2016

      ROMOSS Power Bank became the sales champion of mobile power in South Asia and the Middle East.

    • In September 2016

      ROMOSS has entered a partnership with Lenovo Co., Ltd. to produce and sale power bank with "Lenovo" brand logo in Asia.

    • In 2013

      ROMOSS established a partnership with Germany's Metro.

    • 7000Mall and Amazon reached a strategic cooperation to accelerate the North American market layout.

    • In 2013

      ROMOSS and African Telecom reached close cooperation and formally entered the African market.

    • ROMOSS and LANDMARK GROUP reached a strategic cooperation to fully enter the Middle East, Africa and India markets.

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